We provide premium, brand-safe environment for our partners to access and engage valuable users across multiple touchpoints including websites, social media, video, print and events. Through expert content-led campaigns and digital advertising solutions, we take you closer to the users that matter: lead engineers and test lab managers.

Content-led and experiential solutions

We can deliver a full suite of integrated marketing programs for our partners based on expertise in our sectors and an in-depth understanding of our communities’ interests and behaviors. These include:

Written Content: We leverage our blogging expertise to create content that effectively communicates your message.

Video: We create first-class webinars and ensure these reach the most relevant and engaged users.

Social Media: Our brands’ powerful social media footprint enables partners to reach and connect with a wider network of users.

Event Activations: Our award-winning brands deliver turnkey test equipment at industry tradeshows that capture client’s attention.

Over 200,000 users that matter: lead engineers and test lab managers

Programmatic advertising

Test Forum’s programmatic advertising allows clients to buy campaigns effectively and efficiently. Our rich data capabilities and full suite solution means clients can benefit from our audience both across our properties and beyond. We offer our media and audience through Private Auction deals and Guaranteed inventory. We can scale specialist audiences further with off-site audience targeting and complement with creatives from our in-house design team.

Proprietary data

We offer multi-platform digital advertising solutions anchored in proprietary data and precise targeting. We collect 1st party audience data through the

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