What is Smart Grid Simulation Test?

With the increasing requirement for smart grid, new energy grid tie inverters (Wind, Solar, Energy Storage, Fuel Cell…etc) inverter testing, most of the tests involve with testing standards and test equipment to simulate the grid condition (voltage, frequency, harmonic…etc), load condition and source condition (ex: Solar, Fuel Cell)

Hardware-in-the-loop simulation seamlessly integrates physical hardware and software models in a single closed-loop simulation, and PHIL does this at full power. By using software to simulate the actual electric distribution circuit, PHIL testing ensures new, innovative hardware works with the utility system at actual load levels before it is integrated in the system. Researchers can mirror real-world conditions and evaluate complex interconnection scenarios in a controlled laboratory setting—posing no risk to electric utilities or their customer.

Smart Grid Related Testing Standards

  • UL 1741 for USA
  • IEEE 1547, 1547.1
  • IEEE C62.41.2 and IEEE C62.45 – Surge
  • IEEE C37.90.2 – EMI
  • CSA C22.2 No 107.1
  • VDE 0126-1-1 Grid Tie Standard for Germany
  • RD 1663 for Spain
  • ER G83/1 or ER G59/1 for the UK
  • AS/NZS 3100 & AS4777 for Australia
  • CE Marking for Europe
  • FCC Certification
  • CNCA-CTS for China
  • DK5940 for Italy
  • IEC62116-2008 for Anti-Islanding Test
  • EN50530 for Efficiency Test in EU

IEEE 1547.1 Testing Items

  • Response to abnormal voltage conditions (IEEE 1547.1-5.2)
  • Response to abnormal frequency conditions(IEEE 1547.1-5.3)
  • Synchronization Test (IEEE 1547.1-5.4)
  • DC Injection Test (IEEE 1547.1-5.6)
  • Anti-Islanding Test (IEEE 1547.1-5.7)
  • Open Phase Test (IEEE 1547.1-5.9)
  • Reconnect Test (IEEE 1547.1-5.10)
  • Harmonics Test (IEEE 1547.1-5.11)

Require Testing Equipment

Testing Diagram

PV Inverter Testing Diagram

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